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I found this interesting meme on [ profile] sgamadison's LJ this afternoon and thought it looked like so much fun!  Please join me, if you have the time! :-)

The meme runs like this:
Comment to this post, and I will list seven things I want you to talk about. They might make sense or they might be totally random.

Then post that list, with your commentary, to your journal. Other people can get lists from you, and the meme merrily perpetuates itself.

Here are my questions from [ profile] sgamadison and my answers:

1. What is a typical day like for you in your country?
I have two kinds of typical days, work and play:) During the working week, my days normally look something like this. I get up at about 6AM, and start work at about 7AM. I always read my email while I blow dry my hair and sometimes sneak in a bit of fan fiction, unless I'm watching the news or documentary about black holes :) From 0745, my day is filled with teaching, grading and preparing for classes. I love my job. Not all the time, but most of it. I don't see teaching as a calling, but I love what I do and I'm grateful I've had the opportunity to make a difference in someone's life.

I'm single and live alone, so my afternoons are usually quiet. These last three or four years they've been filled with fandom. I love writing and reading, making friends. I've had the pleasure of getting to know so many wonderful people, whether we squee about spanking, SGA, Suits, NCIS, David Hewlett's perfect, luscious bottom or porn stars, it's been really interesting to hear my friends' views on the shows I love to watch. I thank you all for that :) I'm also very happy I've learned to know you all :)

I love watching movies and usually watch a few during the week. On weekends (when I'm not visiting my mother) I have a very different routine. I watch SGA in my PJs, read a lot and contemplate writing.

And for the past two months; rain. Rain has been very typical...:P

2. Who would you have liked to have seen Ronon end up with, if anyone?
He had a lot of chemistry with Jennifer, but I'm not sure if that would have worked in the long run. Maybe because I can't imagine Keller wanting to remain in the Pegasus galaxy (unless there's something extraordinary, like your Agartha AU). I wish they would have developed him further, but I'll get back to that in question 3. I would have loved to see Ronon with a Satedan girl. Find another survivor and be able to reconnect with his past and share his culture with someone he loves. I sometimes felt he was so alone. Even if he found a new family and a home on Atlantis, I wish he could have settled there with a Satedan girl.

3. If you could have changed one storyline in SGA, which one would it have been and why?
Can I pick two? Or nine? NO??? Well, I would have made sure Carson managed to put that bloody bomb in the container, or used a robot for the handover. I still cry every time I watch Sunday. That way Keller would have had a different function/mission on Atlantis, and maybe have been a better character for it. I also felt Keller took up a lot of space in the last two seasons, esp in season 5. I would have loved to have learned more about Ronon, let him grow as a character on the show. Same for Teyla. There were so many amazing secondary characters on SGA, too. Cadman, Lorne, Radek, Novak, Caldwell. I want to know them all even better! Of course, that's not all down to Keller. But, I felt she took away focus from characters like Ronon, and I was really sad to see the way they reduced his role on the show.

4. What would you have liked to have seen more of in SGA?
Jeannie Miller!! I love her to bits! Also, exploring Atlantis! They have this magnificent city and I wish they'd spent more time exploring it. I would also have loved more episodes like Sunday (apart form the dying) where we get to see the characters from another POV.

5.What character do you identify the most with (in any fandom) and why?
Oh.....huh......*ponders* I live at the west coast of Norway, in a tiny village, leading a very uneventful life *ggg* This was really hard! I find I identify with certain traits in a lot of characters. I can identify with Gibbs' sense of loss, and John's sense duty. Tony DiNozzo's lightness of heart that often hides a sorrow underneath and I can see that in me. I identify with the notion of your team/friends being your family. I'm a much happier and brighter person that many of these, though :)

6.Do you want an SGA movie?
That would depend on two things. Who's writing it and who's involved. I would really hate for there to be an SGA movie which involved Joe Mallozzi. I don't even want to think about what he would have done with Sheppard. Probably opened the whole movie with his funeral, made him into a traitor or something totally crappy. I would have loved to see something along the lines of Vegas, or your Agartha AU. A storyline where the team and Atlantis itself is at the center.

7.Which episode to you, typifies the SGA experience?
I could have chosen many episodes. McKay and Mrs Miller. Doppelganger. Echoes. But I think my choice will have to be Rising. The unexpected. The humor. The horrifying space vampires and the breathtakingly beautiful city. Sheppard rising to the occasion and Rodney being brave and scared, doing what he does best
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