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I'm leaving for Amsterdam in the morning \o/ My sister and I will spend five days there, enjoying everything this wonderful city has to offer :) Well, not *everything*...LOL


It's been a crazy couple of months and I'm still trying to catch up with fics and posts. Grading exams took its toll this year :P

My holiday has been pretty uneventful so far, apart from my trip to Trondheim this week. The trip up went smoothly, only about 3.5 hrs from Molde. We shopped at IKEA and headed back home. Just south of Trondheim we suddenly heard a loud boom. We didn't think (read hoped) it came from the car, because there was roadwork going on. A few seconds later a really, really loud cracking/grating sound came and the car shook. Luckily, we were only doing about 20 kilometers per hour, because of said roadwork. A few moments later there was another round of cracking and grating. I was sure the emission thingy was falling off. I got off the road and looked underneath, but saw nothing. We called AAA and they took a look. Nope, found nothing. The car was towed and we made our way to a large shopping mall nearby to get a toothbrush and clothes. We were stranded....It was almost 5 PM, so we bought dinner, got a bottle of wine and checked into a hotel. The day after we went back to the garage where my car had been towed and got the bad news. My Precious was in a pretty bad shape. Still, they thougth it was saleable and gave me a decent sum for it. I had been planning to buy a new car this fall anyway, but not quite this dramatically...LOL


Sadly, it's not sitting on a beach like this :P

In other news. I've finally started getting little snippets of dialogue and scenes in my head for my WIP From Hell. So, YAY! I've been mainlining NCIS lately, and think that has helped inspire me. Sadly, my Atlantis Bingo Card is feeling very neglected at the moment.

I hope you're all doing well! *hugs*

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