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As an Au Pair, this wasn't exactly what I enjoyed hearing the most :P But today there's a much more pleasant reason; I'm finally - FINALLY - done grading :) \o/ I plan to spend the day in my sunny garden, reading [livejournal.com profile] sheafrotherdon 's wonderful A Farm in Iowa verse and eat ice cream!

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I'm a true romantic at heart. I cry every time I hear our national anthem. I'm never able to sing the second stanza of the hymn, Deilig er jorden. The list goes on! Today, I sat down to watch the royal wedding and it was beautiful :) The bride looked stunning and they all seemed to have a wonderful time and the crowds lining the streets were having a blast. The kiss was very sweet. My favorite royal kiss, though, must be when our Crown Prince Haakon wed Mette-Marit. The couple emerged from the church and shared a very tender moment with the crowds:
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This has been a wonderful day!

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Thank you!

Mar. 15th, 2011 02:06 pm
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I'd like to thank the lovely [livejournal.com profile] schnuffie for the help Japan v-gift! I really appreciate this :) *hugs*
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I didn't really give it that much thought when I created this journal. The names I initially wanted (relating to Norse mythology) were already taken.  Hilde is my real name. It means warrior maiden in Norse and I kinda like that :) Johanne is a name that's very dear to me, and I wanted to include that in my username. As for changing it; maybe. I would probably chose something relating to Norse mythology, as that is one of my interests.
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First of all, big hugs and thank yous to schnuffie for the festive drink , bluespirit_star for the pretty present with the blue ribbon mezzo_cammin  for the party hat and the chocolate cup cake, and  murgy31 for the lovely cup cake :) You brightened my day! Thanks also to all who wished me a happy birthday! I had a lovely day. I had friends over on the day and my family came up for Sunday dinner. A whole weekend of festivities :)
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I've just spent some wonderful days at my family's cabin in the mountains. It's not big or fancy, but the cabin's close to my childhood home, so we can use it whenever we feel like it. Which, sadly, is too seldom...I've been relaxing, writing and reading. In other words, a perfect week away :)

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My cabin's at the other side of the lake.
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My weekend goal was to continue a story that has been lying around for months and months and...

AnnieB's sanity read a few months back gave me a push in the right direction,and this weekend, a long chat with tutncleo allowed me to hash out a few new kinks in the story. What I've ended up doing is combining three stories I've been struggling with for a while, and suddenly my muse is all exited and rearing to go! My goal for tonight (and probably tomorrow) is to make an outline, getting all the different pieces to fit together :

A snippet:


Special Agent Jethro Gibbs was standing outside Starbucks, waiting for his second in command to arrive. Tony was late, and the annoyance mounting inside Gibbs seeped into his voice as he answered the call.

”Boss…” Tony croaked. He mumbled something that was drowned out by a passing bus. Gibbs turned around and walked into a nearby ally in search of something resembling quiet.

”Speak up, DiNozzo! Where the hell are you? If you’re out chasing women on my time again, I swear I’ll have your balls for dinner.”

Tony had been coming in late a few times the past couple of weeks, mumbling something about a Candy or Cindy or whatever the flavor of the month was called.

Silence ensued, only broken by some muffled sounds Gibbs couldn’t quite decipher. His patience was wearing thin as images of a busty blonde forced their way into his mind



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